Brand Battle- Forever 21 vs H&M

Brand Battle- Forever 21 vs H&M

Fast fashion— it’s something that most consumers in today’s economy find themselves turning to in order to get the best and closest clothing for the best price possible. And with the holidays in full swing, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and last-minute shoppers will be visiting locations of H&M and Forever 21 across the country.

In this installment of Brand Battle, in collaboration with Street Fight, we stacked up the local marketing performance of both these two retailers to see who customers would really shop and keep shopping with this year and into 2016. The battle was close in many areas, but one retailer was able to rack up the winning score and bridge the online to offline gap this year.

Find out how H&M beat Forever 21 in this month’s Brand Battle and what this heated duel means for these retailers and their customers.

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