Consumer Experience Counts on Mobile Phones!

Smart phones are all the rage with more coming out every month. Have you looked at your site using an iPhone? What about the tried and true Blackberry? How about the latest Droid, Palm Pre or Pixie?

Well it’s time you did. Because your customers are doing exactly that.

Here at Where 2 Get It, we’re noticing more and more usage coming from mobile phones. It turns out that even our corporate site is not mobile friendly. Imagine that. We advise our clients constantly about the value of optimizing their website for mobile use and we haven’t even done our own!

Although a large portion of big national brands are also in our boat, some sites including and do have a mobile ready landing page for smart phone users. Target’s even includes a general product search function and recent ads and specials. You can even search for products at just the store near you or you can chose another location! Now that’s a customer service edge in a very competitive retail segment.

Getting Started: What do you need?

First: A Mobile Detection database so you can redirect mobile users heading to your .com website to specific mobile sites.Without it you’ll need a URL naming scheme like:

Second: Think about why the user is accessing your site on their phone?

* Store Locators
* Product Searches
* Weekly Specials
* Find Coupons
* Locate Events
* Driving Directions/Maps

Accurate store location information and product specials will keep them checking back & coming in more often. Make use of the “Use Current Location” feature on the iPhone to serve up unique local content.

Third: Make it snappy. As mobile browsing from cell phones continues to grow exponentially, patience is not a virtue many mobile consumers have. Regular mobile site maintenance is the also key to making the user-experience truly enjoyable.

Although we aren’t there yet, the encouraging mobile executions from big brands like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart are a strong step in the right direction.

A Golden Rule: Avoid the trap of thinking that a mobile site is just an extension or mini-mirror image of the regular website.

So what are you waiting for? Go check your website on your mobile phone today!

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