Customer Service in the Digital Era

Customer service has hit a new stride as a direct result of the digital evolution. Now, interacting with your customers and being available to them across a variety of mediums is the standard. Today, customers are self educated, assertive and expect the best because they know competition is fierce. So how can businesses remain competitive, provide stellar customer service and be consistent and responsive across so many interaction points? That seems to be the question everyone is attempting to answer.

It used to be your clients could just call into your 800 number to lodge a complaint, ask a question, request service, etc. Today they can email you, Tweet you, Facebook you, text you, or just start blogging about their problem across the internet which makes your job of maintaining positive relationships with your customers a whole lot tougher.

The new book, BAM- Delivering Customer Service in a Self Service World by Barry Moltz outlines a tactical approach that shows companies how to make more money by helping their customers always feel more satisfied.

Some highlights include:

  • Provide a Formula to Determine the Value A Customer Has in Your Business
  • Find out what gets in the way of offering great service
  • Declare a new Customer Service Manifesto
  • Create Action Plans for CEOs, Managers, and Employees. We’d like to hear what kin
    d of customer service best practices you have put into place, how they’re working and what Where 2 Get It could also employ to make us the best customer service company you work with.

So what do customers want today?

1. Not to be sold, to be shown a better way

2. To self-educate first, ask questions later

3. To access your brand from multiple locations:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Online Chat with Customer Service
  • Customer Surveys
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Text Messaging

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