Snail Mail is Out: Tweeting is In!

These are our top tips to optimize Twitter for your business.

1) This is not traditional media, so don’t treat it that way! Twitter is an open window to thousands of people, if you’re reaching out and have built a friend base, so use that to your advantage but interacting with them, commenting on their posts and getting involved in the community. Obviously Twitter can be used to chat about the features/benefits of your business, but the real successes come when you can reach out with something new, exciting and innovative that your Twitter followers are getting the first glance at.

2) Drive Traffic to Your Websites. The updates you put out there are also a great mechanism to invite your friend base to check out your websites, go to your site for more information, or link to partner sites. The more you get your site up there, and repetition is key in tweeting, the more traffic you will see flow into your site. Also, try using a link shortener like to make the posts a little cleaner, and to save yourself from having to be really quick about your update to fit it all into 140 characters. This is micro-blogging after all!

3) Go Mobile. The beauty of Twitter is that people from around the world are constantly updating their page and those tweets are streaming into you 24/7. If you’re not connected with your mobile phone you’re missing a lot! There are tons of applications now, many of them free that you can easily download to your phone and get connected instantly. You don’t have to respond all the time, but it’s great to see what’s happening.

4) Pass It On. Twitter is like any networking group- it’s never a one way street. When you read a tweet you find interesting or informative pass it on by copying the tweet and adding a “retweet” marker at the front to spread the word. It’s just an @ symbol in front of their username. This allows the original tweeter to follow the @replies to their message.

5) Yes, Twitter Has Its Own Search Function- Use It! Twitter has an awesome search engine that allows you to quickly find what the entire Twitter universe is tweeting about your business (or your competitors). You can also respond to any message directly from the search results page with one single click. This allows you to be responsive to your consumers by either thanking them for sharing great news about you or offering suggestions for angry customers. Either way, it puts you directly in contact with your consumers which makes for a great PR advantage.

6) Be Fearless! Twitter is not scary- at least it shouldn’t be. This is the first time you have open access to see what your consumers are saying about you and not only that- you can respond and make a difference! This is relationship marketing like no other so get out there and Tweet away!

If you have additional tips please share them with us so we can also pass them along. Let’s connect on twitter- follow the link.

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