Social Media: It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

Social Media: It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

Most business owners’ first inclination when they join Facebook or Twitter is to get as many followers as possible. This is wrong, but not for the reasons you’d expect. The main problem with trying to acquire lots of social media followers is that it diverts you from the main goal: engagement.

That’s where the quantity vs. quality debate comes in. Some of the most “popular” people on Twitter are simply not so popular once you realize that many of their followers are actually not human at all. Rather than being an influencer, they are merely sending out updates to their legions of followers who simply follow them for spam purposes or otherwise.

The same thing can happen on Facebook. In fact, every year Facebook throws out millions of fake “Likes” that it feels companies have added through nefarious means to boost their image. This really gets at the heart of the matter: if you’re only focused on likes, then you’re taking the focus away from your customers.

Social media is first and foremost social. The goal is to be updating and informing your business’ friends and followers with information they can actually use. One of the golden rules of social is that you should only post something that you yourself would want to click on/read. If your status updates on Facebook or Twitter fail this simple test, then you should rethink the content that you’re posting.

The question remains: what’s the point of posting quality information on social media if you don’t have enough followers. The answer lies in value. There’s a reason you have customers in the first place: they find value in your products or services. If you can translate that value to the social realm, then those same customers will flock to your Facebook or Twitter accounts as well.

One of the easiest ways of creating value on your social media accounts is to provide exclusive access to promotions or information to your social media followers that people can’t find elsewhere. This is a fine line, because you don’t want to leave other customers in the dark. Done properly, however, you can build up a loyal group of followers that will in turn spread the word to their own network.

Not only are you strengthening your brand and building customer loyalty, this also helps you grow your followers and maintain a strong online presence. There’s simply no excuse to not take advantage of this simple strategy for growing your online brand. Your customers will appreciate the access to deals and your bottom line will appreciate the increase in sales.

And while there’s currently no correlation between the number of followers you may have and a rise in sales, there is a correlation between customer loyalty and lasting revenue. That’s what the quality over quantity debate is all about: building loyal relationships with customers and creating true value both online and off. You don’t need to be logged in to Facebook to like that!

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