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Easing Your Way into Mobile in 2010

Have you ever wondered why people cringe when there’s talk about Mobile Marketing Solutions?

I think it’s about expectations. The Mobile industry suffers from overblown expectations.

Let’s be realistic, as with any new marketing initiative, it’s always helpful to take the traditional Crawl, Walk, Run approach to get started.

So before you bet the farm on Mobile, there are many services National Brands can offer consumers to get them comfortable with M-Commerce and influence them throughout the buying process.

Real-Time Locator
Product Catalog
Send to Phone
Click to Call
Notification of Discounts/Specials

Mobile Marketing can create a highly responsive marketing campaigns, especially from a brand experience point of view. Customers typically like to browse products and share with friends, which is why text to phone functionality allows users a more interactive experience. Users can send product information, prices, and locations to their own phone or to friends.

Also, instead of using paper catalogs, National Brands can send customers a list of products that they may be interested in directly to their mobile device. Or consumers can visit a mobile version of a National Brand’s e-commerce site.

Consumers typically want three things from their mobile device:

  1. Communication tools
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Entertainment

Every National Brand can combine these aspects into their Mobile Strategy and engage consumers while guiding them through the buying process.

  • Find out what they want
  • Find out who they are
  • Tell them where to get it
  • Keep them coming back

Where 2 Get It is already implementing these mobile solutions many leading brands including Hancock Fabrics, Lane Furniture and Office Depot.

Mobile locators and SMS text messaging are solutions that:

Match your branding
Let users get local search results from wherever they are
Use the same database as our Business Locator solutions
Are sized to fit any mobile screen

And, you can easily manage your locator at any time, 24/7 utilizing our Locator Console which provides detailed reporting on all consumer actions, as well as database administration.

Now You Can:

  • Manage data in one location for both Web and mobile locators
  • Get complete reporting/statistics on Business and Mobile Locator usage

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