Top 10 Marketing Resolutions for 2010

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a fresh year and a whole new decade so to kick it off right, we’re sharing some Best Practices to adopt in your New Year’s marketing resolutions.

1. Reach Out Through Multiple Interactive Mediums so you remain visible to your customers

2. Focus on ROO- The new measurement for marketing success- Return on Objective.

3. Use the KISS principle and get back to basics.

4. Resolve to Integrate Marketing Best Practices into Customer Service. Train All Staff to Become Marketers, Consultants & Industry Experts: Product knowledge spans the whole company- not just marketing.

5. Use Social Media as a Conversation Starter. Learn to listen and engage in a relationship with your customers.

6. Stop Selling, Start Educating: Offer great informative content & product education. Differentiate your offering and focus on what you do best.

7. Utilize the Brain Power of the Collective: Don’t shut team members out, instead cultivate idea sharing to maximize the power of the great minds you’ve hired.

8. Learn to Interpret and Understand Analytics: Track the impact of your marketing content through chatter, conversions and time spent on your site to truly see the ROO of your marketing campaigns.

9. Twitterize Your Mission Statement- Pair it down to 140 characters or less so it’s clear, concise & consistent with the rest of your sales messaging.

10. Become socially active and give something back to the community.

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