Top 5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

With so many sites online now competing for the top search ranking it’s critical to use whatever means necessary to get your site up on the list- preferably the 1st page. It used to be that if you had a clever URL and a functional website that the traffic would find you. Now it’s a whole new world.

1) Let’s talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is one of the hottest topics in website development today. Why you might ask? Because this is how you improve the volume and quality of traffic to your web site via search engines, natural, or un-paid search results. It’s basically like steering the search engine crawlers to your site based on strategic keyword placement, well written copy on your site, and back linking. These three things, among others, help reward your site with a higher page rank- the golden ticket to increased website traffic.

2) SEM (the other white meat, so to speak). SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of websites via paid channels such as advertisements placed on search engine results pages. You pay for displaying those ads on relevant search queries, and you get double dinged every time someone clicks through from one of those ads. This is a very powerful tool to drive traffic, but it takes the investment and research of knowing which keyword results pages you want to buy in on first. Consult an expert before venturing out too far into this option.

3) Online Content & Blogging. Blogs are a way to increase website traffic by first, having fresh content on your blog that is relevant, interesting and pertinent to your customers. And secondly, keyword rich- which means the content has the keywords the search engine is looking for in order to rank your site higher. The third benefit of participating in this practice is that you gain valuable insight into the mindset of your customers via the comments section on your blog. This allows you the ability to be reactive to their needs and suggestions.

4) Enter: Social Media. These sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg are another mechanism to put yourself in front of customers, interact with them, hear what they’re saying and drive traffic to your website. The trick is to continually post fresh, relevant content that will keep your “friends” coming back for more.

5) Email Marketing or “E-Blasting”. Reaching out to your customers via email can be very effective. Are you still reading this?? It can also backfire if you’re not using this privilege properly. Successful email marketing campaigns are cost effective, easy to create and manage and also drive traffic from your client/user base. That is… if you’re doing it right!

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